Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A small change in our URL

by J J Cohen

In the Middle
's new web address is

The old URL dates back to the founding of this blog two and a half years ago, when I was the lone blogger. The new address acknowledges that this site is a communal enterprise, the labor of love of four medievalists and their appreciated/respected/adored commentariat.

Don't worry, the old address will continue to work: you'll simply be redirected to the new URL. And may I take this opportunity to once more express my heartfelt gratitude to my three co-bloggers? Collaborating with Eileen Joy, Karl Steel, and Mary Kate Hurley has been infinitely rewarding, surprisingly transformative ... and endlessly enjoyable.


Karl Steel said...

Right back at you! Endlessly enjoyable indeed!

Mary Kate Hurley said...

I will second every one of those things -- blogging with you three this year has been consistently amazing and always intriguing and engaging -- I look forward to more!

And -- I've said this in other settings but will say it on blog here : the community here (cobloggers, guest bloggers and commentators -- even lurkers!) at ITM gives me hope for the academic enterprise of medieval study. And, if I may say so -- working with all of you -- again, Jeffrey, Eileen, Karl, Greg, Kofi, Dan Kline, Dan Remein, Liza, and other guest bloggers and commenters -- is a reminder of what our work can be, if we let it become.

Eileen Joy said...

I will only second Mary Kate's comments here. But since I've also been thinking a lot, since reading Sara Ahmed's "Queer Phenomenology," about tables [the writing desk, but also the kitchen and dinner tables around which families and friends gather, etc., and which "orient" us, as singular writers but also as groups, in particular directions], I will also say that, for me, In The Middle is one such "table" around which friends gather in order to "find their [particular] way," and to take up a certain kind of "dwelling" or "coming to reside" with each other, which is also a "making room" for each other, as well as a lingering and a postponing of what we *are* in order to see what we *might be*. And that is why, for me, personally, this table, and this gathering around this table, means so much to me.