Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I am not in Ireland.

If one more non-careful reader of this blog wishes me a good time in Dublin I will shove a shamrock up his or her ... oh, never mind.

Eileen is the blogger who is Emerald Islanding. She's the one who composed that post about multiple European conference invitations. You know, the one with all that "tra-la-la I am a globe-trotting academic élite, so posh and jet-setting and oh-so-affectée that I place accent marks on words like élite." Obnoxious woman.

I am not Eileen Joy. I'd like to be Eileen Joy, sure (who wouldn't?) but for the time being I am plain J J Cohen, stuck in Washington DC and not going to Dublin anytime soon. Wales yes for NCS, but not Dublin and not soon.

Look for a new way for us to differentiate posts written by different bloggers at In The Middle coming soon.

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