Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Why I Can Never Go to Kalamazoo Again, At Least Not While Department Chair

This is the heap-o-labor to which I returned. Note that the Tiny Shriner has found an imperious new perch from which to scowl.


Anonymous said...

I like your heap-o-labor. It's much better looking than most. It's like urban cuisine: all vertical. Most rural heaps, by contrast, are spread out and unformed. Littlest Sriner should hike up his sleeves and set to work, the least he can do is to draft a few reviews, considering how high maintenance he is on trips. I would NOT put him on performance reviews though, because I think he does not have requisite compassion.

Eileen Joy said...

The problem is, as a plastic figurine, the Tiny Shriner cannot move his hands in order to draft anything. Sorry, Tiny, but you know it's true.

Rachel Roberts said...

I fear your office may be under attack from the Mysterons.